Twisted X

Traditions are a hard thing to break. They are molded and reinforced in experience, knowledge, learning and time. New fashions come and go along with fads, but traditions of bootmaking stick because customers realize that all of that quality makes a huge difference in how well shoes last, especially under outdoor, hard conditions and work demand. New designs focus too much on look and not enough on substance, which in turn results in catastrophic failure when the given shoe falls apart. So it’s quite a challenge for a new bootmaker to reach to gain respectability. However, when such a company does come online, tradition doesn’t mean that it should be ignored due to being new. In fact, it’s even more of a reason, why that new company should be looked at.
A Young Bootmaker On the Right Track
Twisted X has taken into account a lot of training, learning and skill in the fabrication of its boot and shoe line. They are purposefully designed to be functional and long-lasting, with a high level of comfort quality and durability for the wearer. The company’s focus is to take what is good and desirable in western boots that work, and make it even better. After all, if there is room for improvement, why not pursue it the right way?

With sizes and shoe styles for men, women, and children, Twisted X’s shoe selections are available and functional for everyone in the family. Whether it be for fun, school or work, Twisted X boots and shoes are crafted with care and reliability in materials and stitching. The result is a shoe that meets the standards of traditional and offers the benefits of modern shoe creativity for the same conditions and demands.
Bringing Comfort into High Tech Results
A key feature in many of Twisted X shoes is their integration of CellStretch, an internal comfort layer that is included specifically for long-lasting wear and use. The pounding of the work day on a person’s feet and particularly the arch and heel are the primary reason people just want to be off their legs at the end of the day. However, with the right cushion technology, people can stand, work and move far longer with less exhaustion and impact pain throughout the day. The results are greater productivity and more enjoyment of being in one’s shoes versus trying to fling them off as fast as possible when it’s time to clock out.

So yes, Twisted X is not a 100-year-old bootmaker. But that doesn’t mean their boots aren’t quality. They have learned from their long-term peers and followed the same principles of good western boot production as the oldest companies on the market: quality, top materials, strong construction, and reliability. These factors work in Twisted X’s strength and why you should try a pair, even if the brand name sounds new and young. Your feet will appreciate it.