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As their story always starts off, Tony Lama has been making quality western boots since 1911. And when you have over 100 years of experience in doing something well, your level of quality and product delivery goes far beyond “just okay.” Tony Lama himself is no stranger or just a name on the boot either. At age 11 he first began crafting, working as a shoemaker apprentice and learning the classic bootmaking skill blister after blister. This kind of experience is what a factory machine or computer can’t replace; the knowledge of how a boot is supposed to come together doesn’t translate to code or a software machine program for mass production.

Experience and History in Every Stitch

Tony Lama boots today stand on the time-worn performance that only comes with building a top-quality boot and then having customers use it for years without failure. Then, with their customer loyalty and referrals, a name and brand becomes famous. Tony Lama Boots were no flash in the pan either; these outdoors shoes were long-lasting and maintained their quality for decades. Eventually, like everything, boots get old, but when it did come time to replace them, owners went right back to a brand new pair of Tony Lamas again. That kind of commitment only comes when a bootmaker puts so much love into a shoe, the wearer realizes it everytime the boots are worn.

The Internet Doesn’t Automatically Make a Good Boot

With today’s mass production and global market, there are dozens of competitors for western boots on the market today. Production is so easy in so many different ways, one could be wearing a pair of boots made with leather from Pakistan or Namibia and stitched in Hong Kong or Mexico. And while these boots may look good on the shelves, that’s about the only place they perform well. That’s because top quality boots are built with time-tested experience, not mass production and price-cutting. Bottom-barrel competitors don’t understand this aspect, and then they wonder why their boots can’t compete or sell against a pair of Tony Lamas. They might compete against each other in bargain markets, but true boot-wearers know where their shoes come from and are willing to chase after quality when it really protects their feet for years to come.

Get Your Own Pair

Tony Lama boots are available for men, women and children. Everyone can enjoy and appreciate the quality of these boots with a pair made just for their foot size and wear. And with each generation that wears a pair for the first time, the reputation and history of Tony Lama boots continues forward another 10 to 20 years and with another generation. Make these boots yours, and you too will willingly become fan of Tony Lama. And when everyone else’s boots are falling apart, yours will keep on walking, riding and kicking dirt off of them for another day on the range.