Thorogood Boots

Thorogood Boots have a long, hard-earned reputation for a work shoe designed to fit the physical workman’s lifestyle. This isn’t a decoration shoe for a party or dress-up. Thorogood Boots are designed to take care of your feet, and the name earned it’s stripes because it was made with the best shoe materials and crafted to last despite regular exposure to harsh conditions.

For a boot design first tested a century ago, Thorogood has proven its durability the old-fashioned way, but lasting longer than anyone expected. Granted, eventually, every boot has to face some repair, but this is also designed into a Thorogood Boot with leather parts that can be removed and replaced easily with top-quality spared stitched back in just as strong. The replacement soles, once installed, feel almost like a new pair of boots, giving the owner a chance to break in the same pair of boots all over again. It’s a wonderful feeling to have.

The design of the boots is crafted with every intent to build strength and durability. The more these boots are worn, the more than features become apparent. The sole, for example, is a dual-density design. This allows for an outer hard impact material to take a beating, but the central core of the sole is softer to provide cushion when walking or standing. And the nature of the sole’s material, polyurethane, makes Thorogood boots ideal for slippery surfaces as well.

One of the problems that occurs with lower quality, inferior boot designs is that the sole can come disattached under heavy use. That won’t occur with a Thorogood boot. The sole is bonded to the boot with a full sow-down pattern versus cheaper glue or industrial cement. In the meantime, the outside of the heel is protected as well. Instead of just using a vinyl cover for scuffing, Thorogood uses a thick leather. As a result, the heel takes a beating for far longer, also protecting the boot and foot for years.

Ever had a boot eyelet pull out over time? That’s probably because it was made of plastic and finally lost its anchor. That problem doesn’t occur with a Thorogood boot. The eyelets are made from press, punch-stamped into the leather. They don’t tear, tweak, or yank out. The bootlace will break first long before one of these eyelets ever give out.

Despite all the workmanship, a boot isn’t good however if it ends up torturing your feet. And that’s why comfort is also a top quality factor in Thorogood boots. The softness of the leather, outside and inside, is amazing given how strong these shoes are. And the inside under pressure feels solid, thick, and protective to your feet. The shock-absorption in the inner sole provides the most noticeable comfort experience when wearing them. But one realizes as well that the padded collars are lifesavers for the angle area as well. An aspect many other boots miss, leaving wearers with bruised ankles on a regular basis.

So you could save money, get a pair of cheap boots, and then swear all evening long about blisters and how sore your feet are. Or you can buy quality with a pair of Thorogood Boots and relax in the evening after a long day of work, ready to hit your boots again the next morning. The decision seems pretty clear when you think about. Get Thorogood.

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