STS Ranchwear

There’s a big difference between western wear designed to look the part and western wear actually put together to do the job. STS Ranchwear is western clothing and accessories made by folks with an authentic background in working a ranch and needing quality goods and clothes for a full day in working outdoors. Stran T. Smith started his experience on his family ranch, and put it to longtime fame in professional rodeo. He was so good at what he did on a horse or with cattle that he nailed the 2008 World Champion in tie-downs, arena-style. But all of that experience came from four generations of ranching passed down to him in Texas. Today, Smith and his wife & kids handle and rear black angus cattle on a regular basis. And those years of wear and tear on the farm translate to his family’s clothing and accessories brand, STS Ranchwear.

Designed to be attractive but functional, STS Ranchwear has no fake materials embedded in the product. They don’t fall apart under straight, and the clothing is meant to be used under working conditions outdoors. We all know that can’t be said for just any wear. STS Ranchwear is cowboy approved because it’s authentic and genuine. The clothing for men, women, and children are crafted and stitched with full expectation for years of wear in the sun and cold regardless of the work demands put on them. And the comfort level isn’t sacrificed either.  Whether it be jackets, shirts or pants, STS Ranchwear will easily be clothing a ranchhand can be comfortable in and still show up at a family event looking good as well.

The quality of STS Ranchwear comes with an integrity in the product that Stran’s family holds dear to their operations. The same ethic is put into their work with their cattle business. So whether Smith is handling the next generation of new cattle coming into the world healthy, or picking the fabric and materials for the next set of work coat designs from STS, their commitment is the same high level. It’s why they don’t settle for cheap, imported leather that could easily cost their operating margin far less. It’s why their work coats breathe and remain extremely comfortable instead of overheating the wearer. It’s why every product put out by STS Ranchwear with the company logo is tested before it goes to a customer as wide-number production. Smith often doubles as the tester for the product, whether it be a shirt or bag, but it’s because he’s committed to giving customers wear that he would depend on himself.  And that even includes how the pockets, zippers, or buttons work and are stitched.

You can get western wear from a lot of different brands and lines. But it’s going to be STS Ranchwear that you will find delivers and performs in a true cowboy fashion on the ranch and the outdoors.

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