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Cowboy boots only come built for men, so only kids’ boots or small sizes could fit a woman, right?


Abilene Boots completely shatter the myth that there is no such thing as a cowgirl boot. In fact, they produce multiple models right now with great patterns, distressed leather looks, internal molds specifically shaped for a woman’s foot versus a man’s and quality workmanship that guarantees the boot will last for years in real, wildland use, not just walking down a cement street downtown.

Abilene Boots has been in production and expanding their boot market presence since the early 1980s. The goal was to make a woman’s boot that was both affordable as well as actually comfortable for a woman, not a sized-down consolation boot. Fabricated, material sourced and built in the United States, Abilene Boots are a natural, home-grown product that doesn’t cut corners being factory-milled overseas or uses discount leathers that fall apart at the first sign of moisture or a rock. Instead, Abilene Boots provide a wearer an American boot that follows the tradition of the western outdoor boot benefit and function, not to mention they wear pretty darn well too.

Both brands, Sage and Abilene, are manufactured and built for both men and women, but the key factor for women western boot customers is that Abilene boots are not a re-purposed men’s design; they are actually built entirely different and contoured for a woman’s foot. Women walk very different than men. This biological different in how one stands makes men’s boots painful over time if worn by a woman. Women-specific western boots avoids this problem as well as the foot issues that go with it. And there’s no sacrifice in quality with the design difference. Abilene boots will stand up and perform just as well in the horse stirrup and out on the desert as they will at a urban concert show and a night on the town.

Cheaper boots marketed with the same benefits but made outside the U.S. just don’t stand up to the needs of a proper western boot. The stitching is usually the first to go, and then the rest of the construction starts to fall apart pretty darn fast. That sort of experience isn’t going to happen to an Abilene western boot customer, ever. With a keen eye on maintaining a high end produce standard, Abilene boots have been time-tested successfully under conditions that even some military boots have failed.

And after all is said and done towards quality, the one thing that customers notice the most with a new pair of Abilene western boots is just how comfortable they are, even when breaking them in to your personal fit. So try a pair if you’re in the mood for a new pair of cowboy boots. We think you’re going to find they do just fine as cowgirl boots instead, especially with you in them.