There are lots of cowboy boots on the market today, so what is unique about Roper Boots? Well, let’s start with the amount of expertise that goes into building them, pair by pair. Roper Boots has been in the business of cowboy bootmaking since 1948. With over 70 years of outdoor shoe design and durability knowledge, the folks at Roper today beat most other brands being sold simply on know-how alone when it comes to making a quality boot.

Second, Roper Boots make a point of combining quality, craftsmanship, comfort, and wearability in the same boot. You may find boots with one or two of these items addressed, but then they fall apart when it comes to meeting all four factors. Quality doesn’t do much good if the boot doesn’t fit right and ends up giving you a lot of blisters. And the best-looking boots are a waste of time if the quality is so poor they fall apart after a few sessions of some hard use outdoors or a bit of moisture exposure.

Much of the right method of fabrication first starts with the materials. Too often bootmakers have chosen to work with subpar leather and inserts, which in turn end up failing faster or wearing down improperly. Roper boots are manufactured with top grade leader and internals right from the start. There’s no cutting corners to make a buck behind the scenes with cost-cutting and short-changing the customer. With the right materials stocked, the cutting, stitching, and assembly are still maintained with rigid standards. This ensures that every boot produced, whether for manwoman, or child, comes up correct and reliable the first day and for years afterward.  Ropers boosts are not limited to just cowboy boots either. They handle workwear boots, casual shoes, and even classy fashion wear. But regardless of the shoe model, the same level of quality and dedication to a good product continues.

So does all of this focus on quality, wear and fit matter today? Absolutely! Just because customers can shop online far more than ever doesn’t mean that folks gave up on wanting quality for their purchase. And that’s why Ropers Boots continue to be one of the top brands sold online as well as in-person. The workmanship of the boot practically sells itself once people have a new pair and break them in. Compare notes on western boots and which ones consistently see customers come back again and again, and you’re going to find Ropers boots in the top pack.

No question, there are a lot of western boot choices out there today. But at the end of the day, it’s your feet that matter the most. So get a pair of Ropers boots and learn why these shoes for work or outdoor wear are really one of the best choices available today.

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