Rod Patrick Bootmakers

What does four decades of experience, intimate knowledge of leather and its variations depending on the source, time, customers’ discerning tastes, and a keen knowledge of orthotic impacts to how one walks in a boot get you? Well, Rod Patrick Boots, obviously. Their cowboy boots are a blend of time, know-how and boot-making tooling come together in a product that has very little real competition on the market. Sure, there are lots of cowboy boot makers out there, but how often have those imitation items ended up falling apart the first time they got wet in a bit of mud or gave in to a puncture from a basic rock underfoot? It’s a sad state of affairs when business is so keen on a buck that these kinds of imitations are given the label, “authentic.” That’s not the case with Rod Patrick Boots.

The bootmaking process starts first with the fit. Shoemaking, in general, should never amount to simply wrapping a cover around one’s foot for walking. It should be an extension of the foot to maintain the health of one’s walk as well as to protect the feet securely from harm or slipping. Traction is as much an issue as comfort. When a Rod Patrick Boot begins, it goes through a design process that has already taken into account the orthotic needs of the wearer. Even more so, boot sizing is built to the needs of the customer, not the factory output efficiency. That means customers can get a Rod Patrick Boot in every size from AAAA to as big as EEE. How many times have you been stuck having to settle for a somewhat wrong size because the maker doesn’t go any further?

By the time the outside of the new boot is being burnished and polished, an entire handful of generations’ knowledge has gone into the stitching, cut, form and assembly of a Rod Patrick Boot. This ensures that the boot holds up under strain and twist, that it translates the power of the wearer through to the stirrups on a horse, that there’s no slippage or moisture grab that ends up causing blisters due to poor fit, and that the sole regularly and constantly protects the underfoot from harm. Given all the work that goes into a Rod Patrick Boot, it’s not surprising that wearers don’t want to take them off. You may even have the issue of convincing the new owner of getting them out the bed, for Pete’s sake.

With boots personally designed by Rod Patrick since 1971, you’re not going to be disappointed with a pair. In fact, you may even find you’ve become their latest and best referral to friends and family. It’s okay; that’s how Rod Patrick became famous in the first place for their boots. Their customers have been their toughest judges and best promoters.

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