Rios of Mercedes

Rios of Mercedes boots are a family tradition that is as traditional in Texas as BBQ is to outdoor eating. Their boots span a production history over decades, while always keeping firmly on the ground with the aspects that make a boot a favorite: quality workmanship, reliable shoe performance, durable material and a comfortable fit.

Handmade from the original, first design to the very last polish before being packaged in a branded customers’ box, Rios of Mercedes boots redefine what it means to wear a pair of Texas cowboy boots.
Completely Original
The difference in a pair of Rios boots is immediate; the authentic and natural leather is practically noticed the first second one sees and touches the boot. There’s no synthetic materials added into the mix to cut costs. Instead, every pair of Rios of Mercedes boots comes with a fit that molds to the owner, because that’s what natural leather does when boots are worn in and made personal. Within a few days that personal molding creates what authentic leather bootmakers know as the “perfect fit.”

Rios has spent years perfecting their process, working with different leathers, treatment, stitching, internal materials, stock heels and toe protectors. The experience and knowledge are represented in every pair of boots made and sold with the utmost care.
Lots of Options, Few Good Choices
There is no question that there are lots of cowboy boots on the market. It’s a popular and functional shoe, even today in the modern age. A pair of good boots is still needed everyday to walk the wild and deal with surprises as soon as you step off the paved road. That said, not every boot made is worth what’s paid for it as soon as they get challenged. Whether it be a rock, wear and tear, or plain all-day-long fit, poorly made boots begin to show themselves really quick. And worst of all, your feet do the suffering. With a pair of Rios boots, that doesn’t happen. From the moment you slip on new pair, you know these boots are going to stick with you through thick and thin. They feel right, your feet feel protected, and the quality of the leather and construction translate durability in a good boot. And over time they just feel better and better as the leather forms and molds to your specific walk and stance.
History in Every Stitch
Rios of Mercedes is no stranger to boot-making. It’s been a family affair for generations, and each cycle brings forward a new and better boot model with new ideas and trust, time-tested quality in build. They don’t fiddle or cut corners. You as the customer receive extreme value with your new boots, and anyone who seems them on you is going to know you made the right pick immediately. Rios of Mercedes boots are just that well known by anyone who appreciates a good boot.

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