As the sun comes up, cowboys all over the world wake up to go about their daily activities. They perform their regular duties in rugged work environments that pose different challenges such as the scorching sun, pouring rain, or the blowing wind. As with any occupation, a smart cowboy understands that having quality tools for the job means getting half the job done. Amongst the array of tools cowboys have used for generations against the rain, wind, and sun exposure, the hat is the outlier. In the Old West, men wore different hats depending on their employment. It ranged from beaver fur-felt to Mexican sombreros. During the 19th century, derby hats were preferred as they rarely fell off in windy conditions and could be easily adaptable for multiple occasions. The 20th century brought with it innovations such as mass entertainment and the cowboy hat.

The cowboy hat is the undisputed headwear for the contemporary cowboy. It embodies a cowboy’s courage, independence, and resourcefulness in the face of his limited circumstances, profession, and materials available to him.

Since its production began in 1927, Resistol Hats have embodied these ideals. The name was meant to market the Hats as resistant to all kinds of weather and perfect for the cowboy. It was the product of the Byer-Rolnick’s firm, founded by a young hat maker, Harry Rolnick together with a young millionaire, E.R. Byer. With devotion to quality, professionalism, and fashion flair, Rolnick impressed Byer so much that he traveled south to pursue this venture after selling his Michigan business. The “Resistol Hats” brand included an array of Dress and Western stylings for men’s felt hats.  Soon, the Resistol brand proved its quality and Byer-Rolnick’s success soured with the brand’s prominence in Western wear.

Over 200 processes are involved in the production of hats. Byer-Rolnick sought to bring all processes in-house for better product flow and control. The scales and efficiency of production were increased by the construction of a rough-body plant and the acquisition of a fur cutting plant in Longview, TX. This had the effect of producing the world-renowned hats finely and consistently through maximum quality control. At the time, they were the first and only manufacturers to operate all production phases.

Since 1938, Garland has been home to the world’s largest hat manufacturer, Resistol. Production was moved to Garland, TX in 1938 after the emergence of innovations in the finishing process such as the Kitten Finish and the Self-Conforming band. Resistol cowboy hats, for women and men, in leather, felt, straw or cloth protect the face, eyes, and neck from the sun, wind, and rain.

Resistol has been the preferred cowboy hat for a period that stretches beyond 90. The brand is well-known and liked by lots of cowboys, from rodeo cowboys to ranch hands. From the humble beginnings of a few hatters to the team working hard at the Garland facility, the goal is always one. To produce a wearable cowboy hat of the best quality. The Resistol brand lives and breathes the Western way of life. With apparel to accompany cowboy hats, the brand provides the complete cowboy with the tools required to be successful in their day to day activities.

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