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In 1918, when a man in his late 20’s was dispatched from New York City by his doctor to Denver for the dry mountain air, it began a lifelong love for the West and a hundred year western wear business. This man, Philip Miller, traveled to the Great American West for a temporary stint and carried along some cowboy hats from his family’s manufacturing company called Miller Bros which was based in New York.

To many, sales in a sparsely populated area required a lot of traveling. Farmers, rodeo cowboys, and ranchers grew acquainted with Philip as a traveling hat salesman. His customers began requesting him for other special items such as boots and shirts which Philip delivered. He soon began a mail-order catalog business based in Denver which operated under the name Stockman Farmer Supply. The business grew to become a prime source of western boots, hats, horse tack, and western shirt.

Miller’s success with ranchers led to a business name change in 1942 to Miller Stockman with its first store in Denver, Colorado in 1950.

In 1962, Philip Miller retired. Until the 1980s the company went through some big changes. The company became a conglomerate known as Miller International Inc. The Rocky Mountain brand jeans also known as “Rockies” were not your typical western boot cut denim jeans with five pockets. It became the company’s best-selling product quickly due to its unique styling and flattering fit. 1992 saw the renaming of the company from Miller Western Wear to Rocky Mountain Clothing Co., and so was made the last shirt carrying the Miller name on the label.

Rocky Mountain Clothing Co. revived the Miller name with a collection of high-end, classically styled men’s Western shirts as well as outerwear called Miller Ranch.

My Boot Store provides you with the Miller Ranch collection with pleasure bringing you a uniquely American brand that reflects western lifestyle. The items we offer are based on the values and traditions of the American West that make the Miller name a great brand.

The Miller Ranch™ Collection is for anyone who is seeking a high-quality western lifestyle that has met the highest standards in all aspects of life. The shirts and outwear are made by impeccable tailoring with top-quality fabrics. Anyone looking for the best will not be disappointed with outstanding men’s shirts without looking too cliché for the western look pioneered commercially by Philip Miller. Each shirt’s logo has been done subtly in tonal embroidery. The logo suggests a cattleman’s brand using the letters M and R as well as a river and mountains showcasing its storied history in the Great American West. The Miller Ranch logo is laser-engraved on the snaps and buttons. Miller Ranch™ garments use authentic fabrics, are well-made, and are comfortable on the ranch as well as off.

Miller Ranch™ clothing is for all aspects of your life from business, work and play. It is the definition of personal style combining different components for performance, quality, and a man that understands classic western styling.