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Macie Bean is a brand that has been in existence for nearly thirty years and deeply rooted in the Texan boot making tradition. The company has created a homegrown, conventional, and independent procedure for generating high-quality and comfortable boots. One exceptional feature about Macie Bean boots is that they are crafted by hand. They are manufactured through US-based dealers and are made entirely of premium leather.

The Build

Macie Bean prides in their manufacturing process. Amazingly, every pair is observed from the start to guarantee high-quality. For instance, the company begins with selecting the perfect leather from where most of it is stored in the Texas factory. Even better, the manufacturers size, inspect, and cut the leather for appearance and high-quality. The company considers cleanliness, color and other details that affect the appearance of the boots.
Production of the lining is next. It is imperative to note that the fillings are made from American hides that are bought from Milwaukee Wisconsin. These linings are regarded as one of the essential parts of the boot production. What is more, the fillings are intended for comfort. Moreover, Macie Bean utilizes a lot of hides and hence allowing for less wastage. The lining is cut using the available tightest fiber to give the boots a long lasting appearance. The Macie Bean Boots are structured, glued, piped, and stitched. Immediately this process is complete; an exceptional stitch pattern is provided to every custom order. The other method is the collar assembly, where the stitch pattern is finished. The boots are then closed. At this point, the leathers flex and are kept clammy to keep them from hardening and drying out. These boots are buffed and trimmed to provide a softer feel to keep the client comfortable in every move.
Macie Bean is the only company that cuts its soles from its high-quality materials. Therefore, the ear-pulls are then generated for each boot, where the reinforcing tape is applied, and soles are then attached. Nonetheless, the company uses vegetable-tanned hides that are suntanned using animal fats, vegetable fats, and tree barks. Immediately the boots have been heeled; they are then nailed down. They are polished and stitched to ensure they last and appear their best. The quality check is usually the last stage in the build process, which ensures the look is just right.

Perfect Fit

The loveliness of using high-quality elements is that Macie Bean will not slide and slip like boots which are made with synthetic elements. The Macie Bean boots are cut with the natural elongate of the particular leather. Additionally, the all-leather manufacture allows the boots to take your foot’s shape thus, an ideal fit.
From the dress boots to work boots, Macie Bean provides an extensive variety of leathers. After production, these boots are shipped to dealers. Lastly, they end up in the hands and feet of Macie Bean clientele. Do not be hesitant, shop for Macie Bean Boots for excellent quality and comfort.