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Work is tough, which is why your footwear needs to have even more durability. Justin Original Work Boots is made to withstand the storm and everything else that you can think to send their way.
The Technology of Justin
One size does not fit all when it comes to shoes, which is why there is no one pair of Justin Work Boots designed to satisfy every work environment. Steel toe boots are especially for those working warehouses, construction sites, and other hazardous conditions where heavy equipment could permanently damage your toes. Then, there is the Electrical Hazard style of Justin Work Boots made just for those who work in the electrical field.

In all, customers can expect to choose from nine different types of technologies when they select Justin Work Boots. They are:

Electrical Hazard
Steel Toe
Nano Composite Toe
Composite Toe
Puncture Resistant

Few work boots address issues dealing with the Achilles heel. In fact, many workers add shoe insoles to their work boots due to the point of there being a scarce supply of shoes for the job made for those who suffer pain throughout the day caused by an irritated heel. Justin Work Boots trailblazes in this field with its Achilles Relief System that is available for the everyday working man or woman.

The system works so that the entire shoe provides support to the individual. There is no need to implement additional insoles for comfort since the Achilles Relief System by Justin Work Boots has a special build that gives just enough comfort in all of the right areas. You can get a combination of support for your Achilles heel as well as protection from heavy objects with boots that have the Justin relief system as well as the steel toe feature.
Nano Composite Toe vs. Composite Toe
Another advanced technology feature offered by Justin Work Boots is the option of choosing between a standard Composite Toe or going for the Nano Composite Toe feature. Regular Composite Toe technology is made up of plastic, carbon fiber, and aramid fiber. The protection that you receive is fairly sturdy and can withstand an OSHA inspection of work boots.

Nano Composite Toe technology takes things a step further by being more closely aligned to further guard your feet from falling objects. This feature also proves to be more durable since there are more components packed into one space. Your Justin Work Boots with the Nano Composite Toe feature can easily fit up to 50 nanometers in one diameter. Such measurements mean that you are getting full protection with very few, if any, weak spots in between.
Justin Work Boots Offers Waterproof Material
There is little worse than stepping in a puddle and discovering that your expensive work boots are not the epitome of water resistant. Going through a work day with wet feet has the power to inhibit productivity. You can count on Justin Work Boots that are made with waterproof material to be everything a durable shoe should be during inclement weather. These boots will keep your feet warm so that you can keep working hard.