Justin Boots have been an American tradition since 1879 when H.J. Justin wanted to make a name for himself and started handcrafting boots out of his home. After his death, his son took over the business, establishing the company’s headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. When John Jr. assumed leadership, there was an era of unprecedented success. He has many accomplishments, including the introduction of the roper and the growth of the Justin Boots brand. The boot company became a world-renowned brand. Today the Justin legacy is still in the making of boots, and boots are worn by not only cowboys and country music stars, but also celebrities and everyday people and can be found from college campuses to fashion magazines. Justin Boots are handcrafted in America, started in America, and stand for hard work, unmatched quality, and terrific value.

Justin Boots have a style for everyone. While the brand may have started with boots for cowboys, you will be hard pressed to find a style that doesn’t suit you with a variety for both men and women. Whether you are looking for a work boot with steel toes or a more casual boot for comfortable wear, you will be sure to find it. Find a variety of styles that are waterproof for everyday work wear, or different leathers to make a statement. Justin Boots embody pride and doing the best you can do, and people are proud to wear Justin Boots.

Justin Boots, just like all other boots, require the proper fit. The most important part of the fit is in the instep, and the boots need to feel snug but not too tight. Once you have selected the style of boot that fits your lifestyle, you should choose one size down from your regular shoe size. When you put on your boot, you should hear a pop. If you are struggling to even put the boot on, then it’s too tight. The boot should flex where your foot usually flexes and line up with your foot. You may feel for you toe with other footwear, but with Justin Boots, this doesn’t tell you about the fit of the boot, so don’t worry about that. It’s normal for boots to slip slightly in the heel since boots are made so that there isn’t anything to keep your heel in place. When you continue to wear your Justin Boots, you will notice that the boot will be more flexible and the slipping will disappear. If your Justin Boots do slip too much, then the instep is too loose and you either need to choose a narrower boot or a smaller size.

Even though Justin Boots are made with the highest quality materials, they still need some care. Depending on the type of leather your boot is made of, it will determine what type of cleaning products you need to use. Most boots will require you to remove any loose dirt with a brush or rag before cleaning and then use a conditioner. You don’t want to use a conditioner on any boot with a naked finish, snuffed finish or suede, as it will discolor it.

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