Consider Georgia Boots when you want shoes that are sturdy in nature and full of history. The brand has been around for more than 80 years and continues to provide the support that workers need to thrive on the job.
Georgia Boots History
Georgia Boots has a track record of providing quality at affordable prices. The company, Georgia Shoe Manufacturing Co., was founded in 1937 when the recession was still running rampant throughout the nation. Workers needed a shoe that was both reliable and economical so that they could re-establish themselves in the labor market. Georgia Shoe Manufacturing fulfilled that need with boots especially crafted for an honest day’s work.

What began as an effort to serve American laborers in Atlanta grew into something so great that the business had to relocate to a larger facility in Flowery Branch. It was at its new location that Georgia Boots transformed into the shoe company that offers everything from work boots to sports footwear. The empire continues to grow while remaining rooted in its humble beginnings of quality shoes at discounted prices.
What Georgia Boots Offers
Buyers can get Georgia Boots in Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s sizes. All designs come with the guarantee of comfort that has made Georgia stand out from the competition. Memory foam and shock resistance are two features that workers especially love. There is also the benefit of ergonomic arch support that helps those employees who stand for extended periods cope with the strenuousness of such position.
The Georgia Comfort System
One of the central reasons why many choose Georgia Boots over other shoes is because of the brand’s attention to details regarding comfort. There is a science to the matter in which Georgia Manufacturing ensures that its customers are supported. Not only are the insoles firm enough to ease the backlash of walking or standing all day, but there are also airflow channels that cool down your feet. The discomfort that comes with sweaty feet is not a thing with Georgia Boots and shoes. There is also a polyurethane layer that provides additional cushioning so that you feel completely supported throughout the day.

The Georgia comfort system would not be complete without the heel cup that holds the most vital part of your foot in place. Many people find themselves dealing with the pain of Achilles heel because of a poor insole that fails to provide adequate support throughout the bottom layer of the shoe. The heel cup on Georgia boots and shoes works so that your heels feel comfortable while firmly held in place. You will not need an additional support system with this mechanism.
Georgia Boots for Men, Women, and Children
Of course, the most popular Georgia footwear for men is those found in the work boots department. Women also invest in a good pair of Georgia Boots now and then but are more often drawn in by the casual style of boots that the brand offers. Kids tend to enjoy the Wedge style along with waterproof shoes that hold up in the rain.

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