Durango boots are more than just a boot they are a lifestyle. These boots are American and have a long tradition in western wear. The company started back in 1966 when the parent company wanted a western inspired line to help complement the line of work boots. Throughout the next 30 years, the boot brand made a statement for western boots. It also started attracting motorcycle enthusiast who also had an interest in their boots. Durango boots got even more popular thanks got appear on the country music scene and western fashion getting more mainstream.
Tips for Choosing the Right Durango Boot
When choosing Durango boots, there are some things to keep in mind. Choose a boot based on the intended usage. The next is determining the fit. The fit should be comfortable, the boot should conform to the foot, and it should be snug, but not too tight. A pair of Durango boots will need to be broken in to feel comfortable and will feel tighter than a pair of tennis shoes. Durango Boots should have some room for your toes to wiggle freely. Heel slippage is normal in the beginning, and over time the insole will mold to your foot reducing this problem. Try boots on with the socks that you plan on wearing most often. If you are traveling in areas that get wet, you want to choose a boot with waterproofing features.
Care for Your Durango Boots
Avoid extreme temperatures when wearing and storing your boots. If your boots have gotten wet, make sure they dry naturally before they are stored, and they shouldn’t be stored by a heat source. Depending on the type of boots you have, there are some different care techniques. For Cordura boots, remove dirt and use mild soap to clean if needed. When boots are dry, make sure to apply a water repellent, which will help maintain color and the camo pattern. With leather boots, you should use a good leather conditioner to keep the leather nice. With patent leather boots, use petroleum jelly to keep a shine, but remember to remove any excess jelly because it can damage the boot. Suede boots will need a specialized cleaner.

For waterproof boots, the construction is guaranteed for six months from the date of purchase, and it’s recommended that you apply waterproofing every six months.
Features of Durango Boots
Durango boots come with a number of features that make them an ideal choice for many different actives. Some of these features include, a slip-resistant rubber outsole, electrical hazard, comfort footbed, and an oil, slip resistant outsole and protective toe.
More than just a boot
Durango may be famous for its boots, but there are also some other selections that allow you to find the perfect shoe for any occasion. Durango also offers to emboss boat shoes. These boat shoes feature a canvas lining and rubber sidewall and outsole making them great to wear in areas that are near water as the name suggests.

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