Double H

When it comes to comfort, durability and style Double H Boots deliver the quality product you are looking for. For 50 years Double H Boots have been handcrafting extraordinary boots for both cowboys and for fashion boot enthusiasts alike.

In the days when men were out working in the west, they were faced with the harsh conditions of the western wilderness and the high demands of the work. There was a need for a shoe that could handle the conditions like the thick, thorny brush and rattlesnakes among other dangerous critters. Their shoes also needed to allow them to perform quick movements whether that be mounting a horse or hopping a rolling tumbleweed. Cowboy boots were invented and fashioned after cavalry boots worn by Civil War soldiers. The classic features of cowboy boots include a toe that quickly and easily can slip into a stirrup, a high heel for comfort and durable leather to protect the wearer from the elements.

Double H Boots utilizes the classic elements of cowboy boots while making it their own. Double H Boots handcrafts their boots with both function and aesthetics in mind. Their exquisite features take into mind the wearer and the wearer’s style to offer both western and fashion boots.

Double H Boots are for both those who are needing durable and functional work boots as well as those who are looking for the most comfortable and stylish fashion boots. Double H boots offer specialized features for hardworking people, whether they need a composite toe, electrical hazard specialized boots, or a safety toe.

For the comfort lover, Double H Boots offers multiple sole options from their Aeroglide 7, 7 layer comfort system to their gel cell non-memory polymer gel insert.

Double H Boots shows their commitment to durability with their ICE Outsole, a super strong outsole that reduces damage to the boot through abrasion.

Double H Boots’ OPANKA construction process places durability as their priority with the use of wax thread that is both durable and extremely flexible.

Double H Boots offers 4 main toe options for their boots: J toe, Round toe, U toe, and Wide Square toe. The J toe is the most fashionable option and is very popular in the east and southeastern regions of the USA. The Round toe is one of the most popular toes in the nation. The Wide Square toe is most popular in the southwest, but is growing in popularity.

Double H Boots is involved with the Horses for Heroes program that helps wounded veterans and active military rehabilitate with hands-on ranch experience. They also produce a lot of their products in the USA. You can feel good about your purchase with Double H Boots.

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