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Barbour is known for their jackets and has been ever since being founded in 1894. Designed to showcase the England’s maritime style and look, many turn to these jackets when the weather gets cold and rainy in both suburban and country settings. The Barbour jackets are known for their longevity, traditional styling, double rolled seams, practicality, and performance.

Choosing the Right Barbour Coat

With so many options to choose from, choosing a Barbour jacket will depend on lifestyle and what the jacket will be worn with. Length, color, style, and sizing will all play a role. Barbour is known for its waxed cotton jacket, making it a great choice for those that need a waterproof layer. Each model includes a slightly different cut and has different pockets depending on the needs. There are three popular models: the Bedale, Beaufort and Border. The Bedale is a shorter version, so it’s not necessarily the right choice to wear over a sports coat, but it’s a good casual jacket that can be worn with sweaters. The Beaufort runs longer than the Bedale, which would work better over a sport coat, and features a large pocket on the back. The Border is a longer jacket and is around knee length. For taller people and those who live in rainy areas, this is a good choice. In addition to these cuts, there are other models to consider.

For those that need more warmth, there are options for more cold weather exploration wear. The Kendle provides a quilted outer protection, but with a polar fleece lining for extra warmth. The Kendle is made out of a wool blend and quilted lining with classic styling.

While the waxed cotton jacket is the most famous material, you can choose between different fabrics. Sylkoil gives a drier feel than the waxed cotton. These jackets are marked as “classic”, in order to differentiate so you know what material you are getting.

There are plenty of colors to choose from, including navy blue, black, brown, tan, and the most famous color for Barbour jackets, green. There are two shades of green to choose from, which include sage and olive. Sage is a more forest green color and olive has more brown shades.

Sizing Guide

For women and men, there are three fits to consider in the famous jackets. The Slim Fit is designed as it sounds for a slim fit. It’s a fashion-forward fit that offers a hugging material and, since the fit is supposed to be snug, there is great attention to detail in the seam for a sleek look. The Regular Fit looks great in a city or a country setting and can suit everyone. There is plenty of room in the fit for both comfort and easy movement, so it’s versatile for a number of activities. The Relaxed Fit allows for extra layering and stands the test of time. If you plan on wearing layers under the jacket, consider sizing up slightly so you have plenty of room and can be comfortable.