Anderson Bean

Anderson Bean Boot Company is a brand rooted in the Texas boot making tradition. They have been around for over 30 years, and have developed a traditional, independent, homegrown approach to making comfortable, quality boots.

Each pair of Anderson Bean Boots is made by hand. They are constructed completely of high-quality leather and are handcrafted in Texas, using only US-based suppliers.

No Synthetics

The beauty of using quality components is that Anderson Bean Boots won’t slip and slide like boots made with synthetic components will. Their leather is cut with the natural stretch of the specific hide in mind which allows it stretches side-to-side over the ball of the foot. Plus, the all-leather construction lets the boot mold to your foot, providing you with a perfect fit.

From their work boots to their dress boots, Anderson offers a wide variety of leathers. Choose from cowhide, Big Bass, caiman, elephant, goat, buffalo, giraffe, carpincho and more.

The Boot Making Process

Anderson Bean Boots takes pride in their process. Every pair is watched from start to finish to ensure Anderson Bean quality.

They start with choosing the leather; most are housed in their Texas factory. Next, they size and cut the leather, inspecting it for quality and appearance. They look at color, cleanliness and other details which would affect the boots’ appearance.

The lining is next; the linings are made from only American hides which come from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The linings are designed for comfort and are considered one of the most important parts of their boots. After all, if the boots aren’t comfortable, you won’t want to wear them, no matter how great they look. Additionally, Anderson Bean uses as much of the hides as they possibly can, allowing for little waste. They cut the lining using the tightest fibers available to help keep the boots together, helping them last as long as possible.

Next, the boots are glued, piped, stitched, and outlined. Once this is complete, a unique stitch pattern is given to each custom order. Collar assembly follows, where the stitch pattern is completed. The boot is then closed; the leathers flex now and are kept moist to keep the leather from drying out.

The boots are trimmed and buffed now, providing a smoother feel inside the boot. Keeping you comfortable in every step.

Next, ear pulls are created for each boot, reinforcing tape is applied, and soles are attached. Anderson Bean is one of the only companies who still cut their own soles from their own, quality materials. They use only vegetable-tanned leathers which are tanned using tree barks, vegetable fats, and animal fats.

Once they’ve been heeled, they are nailed down. More stitching and polishing happens, to ensure the boots look their best and are built to last. A quality check is done to make sure every boot is just right.

Then, the boots are shipped to retailers. Finally, they’ll end up in your hands—and on your feet!

Shop Anderson Bean Boots for the best quality in work and western boots.

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