American Hat Company

Find the Right Hat for You from American Hat Company!

A cowboy hat is a recognized piece of clothing. Not only is it an iconic fashion statement, it is also a functional piece to protect those in outdoor environments. With a cowboy hat from American Hat Company, you will find great styles to suit your individual flair with quality and durability! By shopping for a hat from American Hat Company, you have access to a great selection of felt hats and straw hats to choose from in a range of colors.

When choosing a felt hat, the X matters. The higher the number X is, the greater amount of fur used to make the hat. The higher the X, the better quality the hat. Each American Hat is hand finished to provide the highest quality felt hat.

Straw cowboy hats help keep you cool in the summer. With a ventilated crown and lighter weight, straw hats are ideal for hotter weather. American Hat Company straw hats are double lacquered and double pressed to provide some of the most durable straw hats on the market today. Each one is hand woven and made in America.

American Hat Company provides more than just a good looking hat, they also provide some of the most durable felt and straw hats on the market.

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